Cosmeston Country Park

Hello, friends of the former St Lawrence Church. Here begins what is intended to be an occasional enthusiastic outburst about wild flowers, birds etc. and anything else that takes my fancy. It will have a spiritual touch to it as the appreciation of God’s creative work in nature and generally is important for the growth of our souls. By the way, the drawing above (by Helen Joy) is supposed to be me; I am flattered.

Cosmeston Country Park is not far away, so I went down there this morning on the 94 bus with my camera, hoping to see some things of interest and beauty. The weather was showery with sunny periods. Keeping to the east of the Eastern Lake, I went into a gated area and found self-heal and some late cowslips and, quite a surprise, a broadbean plant that had seeded itself! Back out on the main path, there was hawthorn and common vetch. Walking through the East Paddock I found lots of bird’s foot trefoil (in bud it is such a lovely dark red) and occasional hawkbit, ribwort plantain, ground ivy and wild strawberry flowers and very occasionally, lady’s smock. Coming out at the top of the Paddock, I joined the path that bisects the Lakes and has woodland on either side. There I saw hartstongue ferns and common forgetmenot. Walking round the Western Lake there were signs of wilting wild arum in the wooded parts and pretty lichens on some of the trees and birds-eye speedwell at the side of the path.

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If you aren’t bored now, you may find some more of my ramblings, physical and metaphorical, in the weeks to come.