Here, at last, is some good news!

Easter Update
From The St Lawrence at Lavernock Trust
April 2020

Headline News
The Trustees are delighted to report that the long-term lease, so long in the making, has been enacted by the legal eagles who have formally dated the documents. Purely by chance, this was done on 31st January 2020, the day that Britain left the European Union. The Former Church of St Lawrence at Lavernock is now an independent entity.
The charity is now leading what happens in the building, which has been central to our aims from the very beginning back in 2001, following deconsecration.
The building is now only to be known as a “former church”, as it is no longer a formal part of the Church in Wales. The churchyard remains under the control of the Church in Wales.

         Registered Charity No.1138257

Trustees Meeting
Prior to the arrival of Covid 19, the Trustees gathered for a formal meeting and popped a cork with friends in Penarth.
The way that our planned efforts to save the building from the ravages of time and weather might best be described as “one thing at a time”. In essence we plan to repair, maintain and improve the fabric of the building in the coming years, in a manner entirely sympathetic to the historic building itself.
Please note that the Trustees….

First Things First
“..if music be the food of Love..”
The Trustees agreed that the first matter on our long list of items for attention would be a major cleaning and repair of the lovely old “H. Christophe & Etienne” French Harmonium. Margaret will be organising (ouch!) quotes for full repairs. Anne Thomas coaxes great sounds from this late 19th century piece of craftsmanship at every service.
Imagine how the melodies will soar after its bellows have been fixed!

Further Matters
“Let there be Light!”
The Trustees wish to collectively pass on their grateful thanks to the anonymous donor who has given us a petrol powered electricity generator! It is a 3Kw item, which should be entirely sufficient to light the former church, subject to our sourcing low-voltage fittings in the coming months.

“Here comes the sun…”
The Trustees have been assessing how we might provide a better heating solution for the space, to replace the moderately trusty yet appallingly inefficient gas heaters.
We are investigating a number of possibilities ranging from the provision of a new, mains electricity supply all the way through to entirely renewable “off-grid” electricity proposals. Our investigations to date suggest that InfraRed heaters could provide the most efficient, economic option, however we will report our further progress in this regard later in the year.

Please note that due to the Covid 19 situation, SALT are following Government advice therefore no gatherings will be held at the former church until further notice.