Cosmeston Revisited

A muggy morning. I went down to Cosmeston again, looking for orchids and I found them! A great many early purple orchids were standing upright like soldiers in the south-east part of the East Paddock.

Early purple orchid

A few pyramidal orchids in bud and lots of pale flax:

Pale Flax

And common field speedwell:

Common Field Speedwell

Not to mention the tiny cut-leaved cranebill:

Cut-leaved Cranesbill

And the subtly scented dog rose:

Dog Rose

Plus a member of the pea family, dyer’s greenweed:

Dyer’s Greenweed

And plenty of ox-eye daisies:

Ox-eye Daisy

And dogwood in the hedgerow:


In the East Paddock I met a lively Welsh Border Collie and his master who had just thrown him a ball:

Welsh Border Collie

And on the way back to the 91 bus:

Up tails

And a white (Pekin?) duck:

Pekin Duck?