Spring at Cosmeston

Hello, everyone. Spring has come at last, or at least, some wild flowers are bravely waving their heads above ground. I took my camera down to the Eastern Paddock early yesterday morning and took some photos. I was delighted at the number of cowslips and primroses, plus some hybrids of the two – cowroses or primslips? Quite a few dog violets; one or two selfheal plants; ground ivy; much of a short creamy grass; and blackthorn in the hedgerows. And of course the ubiquitous celandine.

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Margaret Meets

Hi, everyone! Check this out https://www.mixcloud.com/RadioCardiffPodcasts/mm1/ I’ve been asked to publicise it as it’s the first in a series of podcasts that Radio Cardiff is recording with me (!) interviewing people who have experienced major traumas in their lives or who have faced great challenges. The first is Sian Woodland who, after her own tragic experience, has helped in the setting up of Woody’s Lodge, somewhere that ex-servicemen and women can go to find help when life is difficult. If you or someone you know fits into the sort of categories I have mentioned and would be willing to be interviewed, perhaps you would let me know. Good listening!

Your blog correspondent


Hello. The drawing on the left by Helen Joy is me, apparently, the Revd Margaret Stark; I am immensely flattered. In a voluntary way (I am retired from the full-time ministry) I help to organise and lead acts of worship and other activities at the former St Lawrence Church at Lavernock. Apart from finding uplift in churchy things, there is spiritual benefit too, I’m sure, in appreciating God’s creation. So this page is full of my thoughts and findings and sightings of wildlife accompanied by photos where possible. Plus the occasional visit to another church. I hope you will find it interesting.

Merthyr Mawr

Recently visited St Teilo’s Church at Merthyr Mawr with Anne Thomas, our St Lawrence organist. We were both fascinated by the preaching cross in the middle of the graveyard. John Wesley himself may have preached from those steps! And what a lovely piece of stained glass showing the scene at the Wedding at Cana when Jesus turned about 150 gallons of water into the finest wine!

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Wildflowers in the rain

Went down to Cosmeston on the 91 bus yesterday and hunted for wildflowers in the rain. Must have looked a sight with umbrella in one hand and camera in the other! Found lots in the east paddock. One interesting find; a red fibrous growth on the stems of rose bushes caused by a tiny gall wasp leaving its larvae there; the growth is known as Robin’s Pincushion and is quite lovely to look at. Here are some photos:

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